DBacked Pro

DBacked can be used without paying anything with its free version. The client is fully open-sourced and licensed under GNU AGPLv3 meaning you can use it without my permission.

I also provide a Pro version of DBacked on dbacked.com that adds:

  • Web dashboard to create and monitor your backups
  • Scheduling of agents on multiple servers for a single database
  • Email alerts when the backups are 30 minutes late or an error happens
  • No AWS account necessary, the service handle the hosting of your backups
  • Protection against accidental deletion of backups
  • Retention policies to save on hosting cost
  • Soon Weekly emails about your database health
  • Soon Alerts when the backup size increases or decreases a lot

You can get more informations and register on dbacked.com.

Last Updated: 8/31/2018, 10:38:58 AM